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R&D and Innovation

Sinolong dedicate to build an open and efficient R&D system, with utilization of internal/external innovation resources.
  • ★ On the purpose of continuous development for our technology capability, Sinolong has built technology cooperation relationship with institutes and universities of PA6 field in terms of consigned talents training, project joint development and specialized technique project, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Xiamen University, Hangzhou Normal University and Sichuan University.
  • ★ We makes great efforts to introduce the experts with rich experience in PA6 field as the technical leaders. It promotes the establishment of R&D team as well as the absorption and introduction of technology.
  • ★ We dedicate into developing of talent echelon of R&D, and keeps on enhancing our own capability of R&D.
Sinolong focus in the production and technology development of PA6 and related material. We will keep the pace with time to keep on improving the production technology of existing product, and dedicate into the R&D of new product to broaden the application. 
  • ★ We carry out our R&D in the field such as: co-polymerization nylon, transparent nylon, high temperature resistant nylon, super-high viscosity nylon and etc.
  • ★ We co-operate the famous company in the field of engineering plastic, to carry out the R&D of new engineering plastic of PA, such as high barrier property material, non-halogen flame retardant material, nano-composite material, elastic nylon and etc.
  • ★ We cooperate closely with the largest BOPA manufacturer in domestic, to carry out the R&D of diversified PA6 chip for nylon film application.
  • Pilot line of polymetization
  • Twin screw compounding machine for experiment
  • Pilot line of casting film