Sinolong Industrial
Expert of high-performance polymer materials

Fujian Sinolong Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sinolong Industrial) was founded in 2012. It is a leading expert in high-performance polymer materials in the industry. The products cover film grade polyamide, high temperature resistant polyamide and other high-performance polyamide materials, which are widely used in functional film, automobiles and electrical fields. Among them, the production and marketing scale of high-functional polyamide film is the world leader.

Sinolong Industrial is located in Quanhui Petrochemical Industrial Park, Quanzhou, with a total area of 130,000 square meters. Now, the first phase of "high performance polyamide material" project has been completed and put into operation in 2017, with an annual output of 145,000 tons. The second phase of the project is under planning and construction, with a total planning of more than 400000 tons of high-performance polymer materials.

Adhering to the corporate mission of " Better material,Better life ", Sinolong Industrial is committed to becoming a leader in high-performance polymer materials and continuously providing high-quality products and services for global sustainable development.

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