Sinolong Industrial
Sinolong Industrial is committed to becoming one of the most innovative enterprises in the world
  • We are keen on innovation. Trying to improve the ability of independent innovation, increasing innovation investment and cooperate with top scientific research institution, the main goal of innovation is to break the tradition and empower the future. We are aware of our commitment with regard to the public- better materials, better life.

Industry digitalization

  • Digitalization has brought us great development opportunities. We hope to improve our innovation ability through digital technology and maximize our innovation potential. 

    At the same time, digital technology is used to improve the efficiency and benefits of various processes and realize the optimal allocation of internal resources.

    The application of digital technology also helps us to provide customers with better and more convenient services.

Future oriented R & D field

  • Focusing on customers, by developing more high-performance polymer materials, we will inject more scientific and technological strength into product research and development, accelerate the development of film grade polyamide resin, spinning grade polyamide resin, engineering plastic grade polyamide resin and other products, and provide more solutions to meet the increasing diversified, personalized and functional needs of scientific and technological progress.

Innovation beyond scientific research

Our history has been filled with unprecedented innovations that have played a key role in the success we help our customers with, while delivering on our commitment to the public—better materials, better life.

  • We are exploring more innovations beyond the scientific research in the field of new materials. We hope that while realizing our own sustainable development, we can help more companies and grow together, thereby driving the prosperity of the economies and societies in which we operate.

  • We are focusing on R&D areas with low carbon, zero carbon, plastic waste reduction, novel material solutions for important growth markets such as automotive, electronic products, packaging, clean energy and more. Demand in these areas lays the foundation for our future business growth. At the same time, we are working hard to develop more breakthrough green technology materials to promote human well-being.