Sinolong Industrial
Excellent talent mechanism is the foundation of a company
Employees make a significant contribution to our success, and we want to attract and retain talent to support their development.
Thus, we are committed to creating a good working environment, stimulating employees' inspiration and creativity, and enhancing team cohesion.

Whether a fresh graduate or an experienced professional

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The new in the career


With more than three years of work experience

Join Sinolong Industrial, you will get
A group of people with common goals
In Sinolong Industrial, we believe that we can have a positive impact on people's lives through material science and technology innovation, and help the society we rely on to survive more sustainable and better. Under the guidance of this goal, we are constantly committed to expanding the possibilities of various industry solutions. To this end, we strive to create a good working environment, stimulate employees' inspiration and creativity, and enhance team cohesion.
you will get
  • A challenging career
    Whether you are about to join different positions or fields of our group, there is always room for development and opportunities for growth. Most importantly, we will help you lay a solid foundation for a challenging and exciting career and make you the person you want to be.
  • Give full play to your talents
    We hope that our employees will thrive, taking into account the current and future changes in the employment environment, especially the impact of domestic population changes and changes in the Internet. We take the personal learning and growth, promotion system and future development of employees as the important foundation of the talent development system. On the premise of fully balancing the work and life of employees, we have built a perfect talent introduction mechanism and salary and welfare system, so that we can continue to attract talents now and in the future.
  • Perfect promotion channel
    In your career management, we encourage you to constantly think about your self-orientation and career development path. You can choose two development paths: management promotion or professional development according to your personal career interests and expertise.
Core values
  • Continuous innovation
    Focus on consumer needs, constantly explore new technologies, new models, new methods, pursue better, constantly improve, and continue to create new value for customers.
  • Efficient collaboration
    Establish a sense of the overall situation, break the departmentalism, take the initiative to carry out business collaboration and efficient implementation.
  • Responsibility and hard work
    Have a strong sense of mission and responsibility, always maintain passion for the career and focus on success, and work hard to achieve the mission.
  • Learning and growth
    Have a strong awareness of lifelong learning, draw wisdom from all directions with an open mind, learn quickly, grow rapidly, and be self-driven.
We believe The best way to deliver great work is Thrive with your teammates